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SABATINI's reputation centres around a ‘Made in New Zealand’ philosophy, designing and manufacturing out of Auckland for over half a century. With fabrics designed and knitted in house, in their own Auckland factory, each season’s signature prints and textures are exclusive to SABATINI.

Each season, SABATINI starts by designing their own unique yarns in carefully selected colours. The design process  begins with these yarns in New Zealand, following through in-house to the final product. The garments are hand finished and dispatched from the same Auckland factory they originated, giving SABATINI the power to create truly original design, comparable by no other designer.

Each garment is hand cut, hand linked & hand finished in-house, making each piece special and something kept and treasured for life.

A small portion of specialty SABATINI Collections is made off-shore, with overseas factories handpicked for consistent SABATINI quality in all garments.

Visit Covet & Love boutique in Mitcham Square, Torrens Park, for Adelaide’s leading Sabatini collection. Our friendly staff will style you in how to wear Sabatini, the brand has a luxurious yet easy to wear, sporty feel, that can be worn during the day and into the evening. Sabatini, our favourite international clothing brand!